hello all i'm kind of struggling with school and don't have nearly as much time as i used to... which means i'm not around a whole lot, however i am on twitter and on my personal... i try to keep my queue running hopefully once school is over i can dive back into the madness properly :)


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5 Second of Summer’s Michael: I’ve Lost Some Hearing Because of Screaming Fans

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One Direction attends the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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harry riding a mechanical bull x/x

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my friend challenged me to make a 1d as dinosaurs post so

harry is a brachiosaurus

  • essentially the giraffe of dinosaurs
  • tall and harmless
  • probably great with children
  • likes to tell stories
  • nice smile
  • image[x]

louis is a compsognathus

  • no! you cry, he is a velociraptor! this was decided ages ago
  • turns out jurassic park lied to us and velociraptors actually had feathers which just looks silly so
  • compsognathus
  • v small
  • would still attack larger prey
  • great wit
  • also:image[x]

liam is a triceratops

  • was mistaken for an ancient bison
  • mostly harmless and good-natured
  • but defensive (could go up against a t-rex and win)
  • very strong
  • likes to dance
  • image[x]

niall is a stegosaurus

  • nice dinosaur
  • very well protected against all kinds of threats
  • a favourite among all other dinosaurs
  • likes to laugh and sing
  • leprechaun dinosaur!!!image[x]

zayn is a parasaurolophus

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