hello all i'm kind of struggling with school and don't have nearly as much time as i used to... which means i'm not around a whole lot, however i am on twitter and on my personal... i try to keep my queue running hopefully once school is over i can dive back into the madness properly :)

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wow okay so um these are all people who are just so nice and kind of essential to my life really. like the truth is i haven’t talked more than twice to all of these folks but wow they’re so great and funny and genuinely kind. they’re like little rays of sunshine and sparkle okay i love you

lottie - alrighthazza / emilie - automnelouis / burgrs - sterling / cass - camplouis / elisa - comehomelouis /  yaz - louisfringe / lara - hisoldman / sam - hitopslou / ali - hommos / zara - larrysinlove / flor - larrystylinsons / breanna - leedshappened / flo & miya - ratchetlarry / ju - samegig / olivia - soccerlou / michelle - soulfates / mary - stylinkittens / casey - tbhlou / melissa - thenbh / brette - tomlintush / britta - tommoholics


yay i love you a lot okay you make me very happy :)

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